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Getting Fit at 24- Hour Fitness Center

Ridge45 Apartments Blog, Traverse City, MI   Enjoy working out in our 24 hour fitness gym. Get out of your apartment for some exercise!

One of the perks of living at the Ridge45 Apartments in Traverse City, MI is access to our 24-hour fitness center. When was the last time you used it? If you are a regular when it comes to working out, then good for you; we’re preaching to the choir. However, if it’s been awhile or if you’ve never used the fitness center, you may want to start taking advantage of this great apartment community amenity. Sometimes it is difficult to start or to stay motivated to keep going day after day, week after week, month after month. But think of the benefits — looking better and feeling better, not to mention the long-term health benefits of regular exercise.


In today’s blog post, we’ve pulled together some tips for getting the most out of your exercise time.


Set Aside Scheduled Time

It will be much easier to follow a fitness plan if you already have time scheduled out of your week to perform that exercise. Whether you’re going to exercise daily or just a couple of times throughout the week, plan out what time you’re going to exercise, how long you want to exercise, and what type of exercise you’ll be doing. When these decisions are made ahead of time it will make it much easier to get up and get going.


Set Up a Support Group

Having a support group during a fitness plan can make all the difference in whether you continue with your new healthy habit or not. Find people who would be willing to exercise with you. On the days you don’t want to go run, your friend will be there to motivate you and vice versa. This will also keep you both accountable for completing what you’ve said you would.


Track Your Progress

Knowing how far you’ve come is motivation to keep up with your goals. Take time before you begin your fitness plan to weigh yourself, take pictures, journal, and/or use an app or Fitbit to keep track of progress. Use the form of tracking that correlates to why you began exercising. For example, if you want to lose weight, then weigh yourself throughout your plan. If you want to feel better and have more energy, keep a journal about how you feel each day.


Experiment With Exercise

You can find so many different forms of exercise these days — anything from dance classes, to jogging, to team sports, to Bikram or aerial yoga. Besides using our fitness center, think about trying out something new near your apartment in Traverse City, MI. You might find that exercise becomes more enjoyable when you find the right type for you.


Having an on-site fitness gym is awesome. Instead of driving across Traverse City to get to the gym, you can just stop by the one in our apartment community. Please share a comment about how starting a fitness program has impacted your life!