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March Madness Party Tips

Ridge45 Apartments Blog, Traverse City, MI   March Madness is upon us here in Traverse City. What teams are you rooting for? Hold a basketball-themed party in your apartment this year!

March is a month that’s already seemingly packed to the brim with some things to look forward to, including St. Patrick’s Day, Pi Day, and the welcome first day of spring heralding warmer temperatures. And it is also a highly competitive time when sixty-eight college basketball teams fight their way to the national championship that takes place this month. If you’re among those that wants to throw a basketball-themed party in your Ridge45 Apartment this month for March Madness, we’ve got some festive tips below.

Choose a Date

Take a look at the March Madness Schedule and choose a night to host your party. Pro Tip — Boston hosts East Regional on March 23 & 25th. Evite has a selection of basketball themed invites that makes it easy.



What’s a party without good eats? Decide whether you are doing a full meal or just a variety of snacks. If you are opting to do a meal, make it easy on yourself and plan a potluck. An easy way is for the host to provide a meat dish, and ask guests to bring sides and desserts to go with it. Alternatively, if you are doing snacks, be sure to include some healthy options among the goods. If you’re feeling creative, add some dishes/desserts that evoke the whole basketball theme like serving cupcakes decorated to look like basketballs, basketball cake pops, or serve turnovers (we hope your team doesn’t have too many!).  

Party Games
Watching all these wide-eyed and earnest teams fight their way to the top, all in the company of friends, is often entertaining enough. But what do you do during commercial breaks? We’d recommend hanging up some dollar-store hoops on doors in your living room and having short games of P-I-G or shooting competitions with foam or small inflatable basketballs. You could even use the same approach to clean up trash at the end of the party with guests.

Space Jams
Having some light music playing can take the pressure off of the lulls in conversation, and can be a great way to set the mood for the festivities ahead. If you’re feeling a bit out-of-touch with what’s being played at games these days, universities and professional teams often have playlists online that they play to get everyone fired up at the game.You can also go with the soundtracks from basketball video games or basketball-themed movies — like Space Jam or Like Mike.

Other Ideas
So you’ve got plenty of ideas above, but what do you do in-between games or during halftime? You could start up a game of outdoor hoops if the weather is right, head over to your favorite indoor basketball court, or even fire up your favorite retro hoop video game or contemporary fave. If you don’t have a console, get in touch with a friend that has one. You could even give out small thrift-store or dollar-store trophies for anyone that wins an outdoor or virtual showdown.


Enjoy March Madness this year! We hope your team wins! Thanks for reading today’s post here in Traverse City, MI.