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Unique DIY Valentine's Day Cards

Ridge45 Apartments Blog, Traverse City, MI   Cards and Valentine's Day go together. We have ideas for unique DIY cards. Give one of these ideas a try.

Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday in the short month of February. That invariably leads to this month being focused on everything love and everything hearts. Whether you have a special someone by your side to call your own, dear friends, family, welcoming neighbors that brighten your day, or even just people that make your life’s everyday routine be that much more enjoyable, this is the perfect time to express that appreciation. Below, we’ve highlighted a few ideas for creative DIY valentine cards you can make at your Ridge45 Apartment to do just that.

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Bottle Valentine

Think about what you’d write out on a message in a bottle if you were trapped on an island and knew it would find someone you loved. With a small glass bottle and cork top, a bit of red felt, a piece of paper, hot glue, wire, and a chain from an old necklace, you can bring this sentiment to life. Though you’ll need a pair of needle-nose pliers to put it together, this valentine is a way to really leave a memorable mark.

Neon Candy Heart Bags

While meticulous hand-crafted valentines are sure to impress, sending someone sweets is a classic way to say I love you for good reason. And that’s because the way to anyone’s heart, whether romantic or not, is through their stomach. All you’ll need is a heart-shaped cutter to punch out the shape in your neon-colored cardstock of choice, plus some cellophane bags, neon thread, double-sided tape, white cardstock, and color-coordinated filler of choice. Anyone is sure to love these Neon Candy Heart Bags.

Valentine Ornament

This valentine takes a bit of thought about what to put in the note, but other than that, it is super easy to put together once you have the right supplies. You will need a heart-shaped fillable ornament, glitter or confetti (heart-shaped for bonus points), and curling ribbon, and fancy paper to write your note on. Fill the ornament with glitter, confetti, etc. Write your heartfelt note about your someone special, roll it up and tie with the curling ribbon. Attach the note to the ornament with more ribbon, and viola instant personal valentine.


Whether you are planning a big celebration, a quiet dinner, or ignoring the holiday entirely, we hope you enjoy the month of February right here in Traverse City, MI.